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Statistics Review of IRSF 2017
DateTime:2017-11-08 09:12:37    From:Samantha@IRSF    Views:518


International Rehabilitation Shanghai Forum 2017 was held on Oct 28th and 29th in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Centre International Hotel. 21 forums as the following were held during two days. Over 100 experts with reputation in rehabilitation field from 62 hospitals and medical institutions have attended and presented in the following divided forums.

s   Spine and SCI Rehabilitation Forum

s   Diagnose and Treatment of Spasticity and Related Disease Forum

s   Stroke Rehabilitation Forum

s   New Techniques in Neurorehabilitation Forum

s   Debate Competition of Rehabilitation Therapy

s   Intensive Rehabilitation Forum

s   Cognitive and Speech Rehabilitation Forum

s   Taping Technique Forum

s   Hand Function and Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Forum

s   TMS Evaluation and Rehabilitation Forum

s   Clinical Application of EMG Forum

s   Research Proposal and Scientific Writing Forum

s   Orthopedic Rehabilitation Forum

s   Rehabilitation Investment & Management Summit

s   New Concept and Method in Bobath Forum

s   Pain Rehabilitation Forum

s   Evaluation of Swallowing Function and Rehabilitation Forum

s   Excellent Paper Introduction Forum

s   Rehabilitation Robot Forum

s   Workshop of Pain Rehabilitation Forum

s   Nursing Care Forum

 Debate Competition

 Professor Sharon KILBREATH in Hand Function and Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Forum

 Professor JIA Jie in Hand Function and Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Forum

Totally around 800 medical practitioners and doctors registered and attended divided forums of IRSF during two days. Forum of “Debate Competition of Rehabilitation” on Oct 28th was the most attractive forum as 20 debate teams from 20 hospitals had attended this competition forum. Apart from debate forum, “Hand Function and Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Forum” on Oct 28th and “New Concept and Method in Bobath Forum” on Oct 29th were the most popular forum in these two days. The former got 159 audiences and the latter got 196 audiences respectively at their most attractive moment.