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Market Opportunities

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang convened and presided an executive meeting of the State Council on 11th November 2015. The meeting emphasized the importance of the combination of medical care and pension services. Such an combination will encourage the process of medical reform and help to solve the aging problem, and then enhance the welfare of everyone in society. First of all, the "medical and pension" combination means the medical institutions should provide priority services to the elderly (made an appointment before) that are in the aging nursing institutions, while the medical departments in the aging nursing institutions must be used as the temporary rehabilitation places for the medical institutions. Secondly, the social organizations establish some combined institutions as well will be encouraged, proposing the possibility to change some advanced public hospitals to become specialized rehabilitation hospitals or aging nursing institutions instead. Thirdly, the local governments to provide the essential medical services for the elderly or to launch some innovative long-term care insurance for the residents will b also encouraged. Additionally, the meeting also pointed out that every province should choose at least one area to become the model pilot of "medical and pension" combination.

With the sustainable development of Chinese economy, to raise public awareness of health, to strengthen the rehabilitation service of the disabled elderly and the people who with functional disorders will be a long-term concerned project.


What is Rehabexpo Shanghai

Rehabexpo Shanghai will be held every year in September. Hosted by the organizing committee of two leading fairs in China rehabilitation area, Rehacare & Orthopedic China(R&OC) and China International Rehabilitation and Special Equipment Expo(CRSE), it is another grand exchanged platform for the Asia rehabilitation industry, or even for the world. Also, International Rehabilitation Shanghai Forum(IRSF), a related academic conference will be held in the same period, which includes more than 60 parallel sessions of various area. Rehabexpo Shanghai 2016 is expected to has 11,000 square meters exhibition area, 5,000 square meters forum area, 350 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors from home and abroad, becoming one of the most influential and the largest rehabilitation trade fairs in Asia from start.