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Visitors by profession:

Ø  Social Welfare, Clinical Medicine, Medical Education,

Ø  Manufacturers, International trading companies, Domestic Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers, Agents,

Ø  Clinic and training institutes, Associations, Scientific research organizations,

Ø  Design services, Publishers and medias, Testing agency and certification authority.



Visitors by Position:

Ø  Government officials, international organizations officials, welfare agency officials,

Ø  Scientific and educational institutions leaders, associations principals,

Ø  Directors of the rehabilitation centers, president of the hospitals, clinical department directors, chief physicians,

Ø  Clinicians, prosthetics, Orthopedists , PT/OT/ST/EPT therapists, head nurses and nurse,

Ø  Medical educators, research scholars, teachers in special education schools, rehabilitation fitness coaches,

Ø  Manufacturers, distributors, Wholesalers, retailers, agents, service providers, international traders, investment managers ,

Ø  NGO members, medical students, nursing staff,

Ø  People with disabilities and their families.